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Body Temperature Thermometer 1.0.0 APK

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    Mar 08 2017

Body Temperature Thermometer

Spread the laugh and fun in friends with prank application. Body Temperature Checker Prank is an amazing prank application which calculates your body temperature by using your fingerprint. This application gives you a very User-Friendly way to calculate your Body Temperature using a digital thermometer.High Body Temperature is symptom of fever, malaria and other diseases. This app provides you with a very colorful and easy-to-use interface. A prank temperature sensor checks your Body Temperature and gives back random results. After Workout or Jogging the bod temperature can be changed. With the fast flow of the blood the temperature of the body can increased. After Exercise the Hear Beat Rate increases and results in increasing the Body Temperature. With low sugar and low BP the body temperature can decrease. With burning of Calories the temperature of body can vary. For accurate body temperature one should have proper check-up from authenticated doctor and valid instruments. Thermometer is usually used for measuring the body temperature. High body temperature indicates fever. Fever can be because of various diseases like headache, improper diet, flu and improper sleep. Water is necessary to keep body fresh and balanced. Daily Workout and Exercise keeps the life healthy and strong. Exercise may include push-ups, chin-ups and jogging etc. Healthy people have balanced and normal Body Temperature. Health is maintained with daily exercise. Low BP, High BP, low Blood Sugar Level or Glucose level or abnormal Heart Beat Rate means their is something wrong in the body and in such case the patient should have a proper check-up from the hospital and doctor. All the Blood Tests are necessary in such situations. Balanced Diet and Daily Workouts results into healthy and balanced life.Blood pressure, Body temperature, Pulse and Respiratory Rate are together known as Vital signs, they are called so because these four are very important in judging one's health condition. High Blood Pressure,Low Blood Pressure,High Blood Sugar level, Low Glucose or Low Blood Sugar and low Respiratory Rate are especially dangerous for health. Pulse rate increases with exercise. Kids usually have high heart rate.Usually a thermometer takes temperature through mouth or arm but temperature can also be taken through ear and skin using specially designed thermometers. There are different ranges of Normal Body Temperature for both men and women.How to use this app?*Launch App*Select Gender*Put your finger on the scanner*Enjoy the resultsDisclaimerThis is a prank app, developed for entertainment purposes. The Touch Screen of a cellphone can never measure your temperature. Please consult a doctor in case of High Body Temperature. Have fun with this application.
Body Temperature Thermometer ประวัติรุ่น
Body Temperature Thermometer 1.0.0 for Android 2.3และหลังจากนั้น ดาวน์โหลด

Version : 1.0.0 for Android 2.3และหลังจากนั้น

ปรับปรุงวันที่ : 2017-03-08

ดาวน์โหลด apk (4.31 MB)

Body Temperature Thermometer 1.0 for Android 2.3และหลังจากนั้น ดาวน์โหลด

Version : 1.0 for Android 2.3และหลังจากนั้น

ปรับปรุงวันที่ : 2016-11-12

ดาวน์โหลด apk (4.31 MB)

Body Temperature Thermometer 1 for Android 2.3และหลังจากนั้น ดาวน์โหลด

Version : 1 for Android 2.3และหลังจากนั้น

ปรับปรุงวันที่ : 2016-10-06

ดาวน์โหลด apk (4.31 MB)