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    Sep 18 2020

Global Survival Kit Military Gps

1. MAGNETOMETER EMF CAMERA METAL DETECTOR Using this detector you’ll easily identify ferromagnetic metal objects (steel, iron, gold, pure silver).2. WORLD GPS COORDINATESGPS Locations shows your current location, date & time to the second along with a scrollable map. You can copy your coordinates & locate anything you can find on the map with accurate crosshairs.3. NIGHT MODE ZOOM CAMERADigital ZOOM simulation app, with photo and video recording.4. GPS LOCATION INFO,COORDINATES SMSGPS Location Info shows your current location, date & time to the second along with a scrollable map. You can copy your coordinates & locate anything you can find on the map with accurate crosshairs.5. ALTIMETER GEOTRACKER GPSProfessional app for hiking and biking in mountainous terrain6. GPS STATUS GPS TEST ALL DATAGPS test, status and diagnose app! .GPS receiver signal strength or signal to noise ratio.Supports GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, SBAS, BEIDOU and QZSS satellites..Dilution of PrecisionHDOP (Horizontal), VDOP (Vertical), PDOP (Position).Local and Gmt time7. COMPASS CAMERA WITH LONGITUDE AND LATITUDEStamp camera can help you to add the address, location coordinates direction, altitude, current date & time & note in the picture.8. DIGITAL COMPASS GPS SENSOR INFOAccurate compass and most great tool for outdoor activities. Easy to use just use it like a real compass.Set your directions by rotating the arrow using handy stroller for easier and professional navigation.• Latitude, longitude and address- Dec Degs (DD.dddddd˚)- Dec Degs Micro (DD.dddddd "N, S, E, W")- Dec Mins (DDMM.mmmm)- Deg Min Secs (DD°MM'SS.sss")- Dec Mins Secs (DDMMSS.sss")- UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator)- MGRS (Military Grid Reference System)• Map• True heading and magnetic heading• Magnetic strength• Slope level meter• Phone Sensor status9. WAYPOINT NAVIGATION MILITARY KITUsers can store multiple way points and navigate to them. The user can also save their current position as a way point to navigate back to later.Way Point is great for city environments, hiking/camping, or finding your way back to locations such as a parked car. The interface is extremely easy to use, yet powerful and makes navigation a breeze.10. ZOOM CAMERA IMAGE PROCESSING ZOOMThis app allows to make a super zoom. You will feel like a professional. The screen shows time and different indicators. You can take a screenshot in real time. The app shows you the numbers of zoom. It is a perfect handy zoom.11. STREET VIEW DUAL MAP & ALL GPS INFODUAL MAP is an easy way to view street-level images based on Google Street View Maps.Explore the world and plan your trip, discover new places and step inside locations such as museums, arenas, hotels, restaurants, places of historical heritage and anywhere your destination is.Double view with both a Map and Street View with full GPS info:-Altitude -Location -Address -GMT and Local Time -Density of Air -Weather - Barometric Pressure and more…Track your location on the map as you move around, drop and save pins with comments, save them in the library so you always have your favorite places with you!12. SPEEDOMETER GPS TOOLBOXMeasuring travel speed (MPH KM/H)• Calculate max speed• Calculate average speed• Measure the time elapsed• Measure the distance you have traveled• Also tells the accuracy of the speedometer- High and Low speed limit alert systemAdd minimum and maximum speed .Set the speed limit and drive calmly- Street & Map Dual Viewer speedometer- GPS Stamp camera- TrackingThe application will track your GPS coordinates and draw movement trajectory, pointing your current location on standard, satellite or hybrid maps.- Speed tracking in mph or km/h based on MPH or KM/H mode.- Distance tracking based on MPH or KM/H mode.- Time tracking.- Tracking location on map.- Ability to turn tracking off/on.- Longitude, latitude coordinates.- Map integration- Compass
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Global Survival Kit Military Gps 1.1 for Android 5.0และหลังจากนั้น ดาวน์โหลด

Version : 1.1 for Android 5.0และหลังจากนั้น

ปรับปรุงวันที่ : 2020-09-18

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