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    Mar 24 2017

Laundry games

Laundry and publish games and ironing facilities and arrange them in the closet, a launderette game category dress up games girls games girls laundry, bother to clean her clothes, after her visit to the farm got dirty clothes and washing and ironing clothes, order separate white clothes from coloured clothes and wash them all individually, and then publish the clothes on the Clothesline and chose the new farm clothes Dana wekois wetsvit any folding clothes laundry steps separate the coloured clothes for white clothes and brightly colored clothes and dark clothes before placing them In the washing machine. Check your pockets and take off the dirt and stuff in it. Flake underwear on clothes, and may prefer to wash socks alone as the last step in the laundry. Watch the teeth marks on the clothes to see the temperature allows for washing clothes, select wash cycles that must be used for appropriate washing powders do not even harmed. Work on removing the remaining spots before washing. Know your washer buttons functions and manner of use. If the automatic type washer, washing powder is put in place, taking care to put a freshener smells to acquire clothes smells good when you wear this game one of the best games for girls games and clean clothes, and clothes are put inside the washer for a certain period and then take out the clothes dry but my people publish and expose it to the light so that it does not become damp and cause skin irritation when wearing clothes. If the washing machine in regular type, put water and washing powder inside my white clothes first, turn on the washing machine until the required duration, and then wash the clothes with clean water to get rid of laundry detergent, put clothes in the dryer to dry, then discard the water in the washer and put another water clean with detergent and put the amount of new clothes, after drying the clothes do post them in the Sun to dry well. My people cried clothes that need to roll in the Treasury, put it in its proper place.
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Laundry games 3.0.0 for Android 4.0และหลังจากนั้น ดาวน์โหลด

Version : 3.0.0 for Android 4.0และหลังจากนั้น

ปรับปรุงวันที่ : 2017-03-24

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