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    May 26 2020

Rap Maker

Choose between many high-quality beats in the Rap Maker collection, and tune your voice using a powerful auto voice tune.Record your voice over the type beats within a minute and share it with your friends! If you already have yours, you can import them and rap over it. This app is your real pro studio, it gives you a total control of the voice effects. Rap Maker is a royalty-free app, which means you can share your hits anywhere you want! LARGE AND HIGH-QUALITY TYPE BEATS:• Royalty-free type beat collection, with high-quality samples and stems created by top sound designers. • New regular content• Import your own beats RAP OVER EXCLUSIVE CONTENT• Rap Maker inspired by top hip-hop and pop artists around the world.• Unique & exclusive type beats collection. AUTO VOICE TUNE & FX:• Record your voice with real-time audio effects that include a pro auto voice tune, pitch control, reverb and compressor effects. • Rap Maker determines the key of the track and auto pitch your voice with the good key. The voice record will process with an auto level gain to get the best mix with the type beat. An auto limiter will remove any record saturation problems. • The record level can also be set manually.ROYALTY-FREE TYPE BEATS:• Whenever you create a track, you own the copyrights. You are now an artist!• No limitation, create as many tracks as you want. MIX YOUR TRACK: • Tweak your performance with the stems high-quality packs.• Stem files with extensive control over the instrumentals: mute or change the volume of the different elements of the track (drums, bass line, synths…)RECORD & SHARE: • Record your performance over our royalty-free beats and share it anywhere you want: Soundcloud, YouTube…• Show it to your friends, and perhaps become viral! Please go to our website for more information:Terms of use: http://www.mixvibes.com/termsPrivacy policy: http://www.mixvibes.com/privacyFollow us for the latest product news and updates:www.facebook.com/mixvibeswww.youtube.com/user/mixvibeshttps://www.instagram.com/mixvibes/
Rap Maker ประวัติรุ่น
Rap Maker 1.1.3 for Android 5.0และหลังจากนั้น ดาวน์โหลด

Version : 1.1.3 for Android 5.0และหลังจากนั้น

ปรับปรุงวันที่ : 2020-05-26

ดาวน์โหลด apk (28.56 MB)

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